Intensive English Course

The Business English Academy‘s Intensive English Course is the perfect way to develop your speaking and comprehension skills in a short period of time. If your work life is too hectic for regular English lessons and you are not able to go to abroad this is the ideal intensive solution.

An intensive course like this helps you to recall words and phrases that you learnt previously but forgot through lack of use while also introducing new words, phrases and grammar structures through a communicative approach. In a small group with an experienced, fully-qualified native speaker teacher, you will be speaking and listening to English all day.

For an elementary learner our intensive English course is the perfect way to accelerate the learning process in the most effective way possible. Learning English is a very long process and the more intensive a quick start you make the better for your future learning.  For students at high levels such as upper-intermediate who don’t have the chance to take regular lessons taking this intensive course one or twice a year will help to maintain the student’s level of English.

If you need an intensive English course please call us right away on (+90) 0212 356 02 48/49/50.

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